I attempted a trip to Aldo Shoes today at Fairview Mall in Toronto… check out the Spring 2011 collection, shop for some accessories plus Lou Lou mentioned a great pair of blue aviators now available for summer 2011.

A few pulls of uncomfortable, barely there heels off the shelf (how could they be so uncomfortable!), a sunglasses scan to reveal the Lou Lou aviators were not in stock (shocking), 10 minutes of zero acknowledgement by the staff (double shocking) and one mental note that I was officially the oldest in the store by at least 5 years (I’m only 29) and it was time to check out with just 2 pairs of earrings.

From my $12 purchase I was invited to complete a survey for 15% off… sure, why not. It talked about the store ambiance and what was important to me… I know why I haven’t been in Aldo for ages… it’s gone SOUTH!

The quality is mostly poor (no better than ‘Spring’) yet the price tries to compare to a ‘Town Shoes’ beauty.  The teenagers run rampant, the staffs seem to hate life and all shoe indifferent (HOW!) but hey… the ambiance sure is cool now eh? :)

Aldo is still worth the semi-occasional pop-in, at least for an accessory fix or maybe for a floral purse or clutch, but has anyone else seen this negative transformation?  I can’t be the only one that’s moved on to greener pastures for my regular shoe fix…